Cloud & Infrastructure Services 

Cloud Services


Design and Implementation of the environment for your Business Applications with a focus on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery. The Cloud + Infrasctructure team, will hand pick the right combination of Cloud and on-premise technology that best fits your business. 

There are a lot of options when it comes to cloud computing and infrastructure. and Synetek Solutions helps its client by analyzing when it makes sense to go the Cloud Computing route and when it make sense to keep systems in-house. To know what technology is right for your business, take advantage of our IT Costs & Infrastructure Assessment. 

Cloud Based Email (Hosted Exchange) - Cloud Email Security & SPAM Protection; Email Archiving, Discovery and Recovery (Radar); Email Encryption


Hosted Exchange: Allows you to host your email in the Cloud. Instead of buying, supporting server hardware, software and support, you pay a montly fee of $12 per user. 

Reflexion SPAM, Archiving and Encryption Services: With our partnership with Reflexion Networks, we are able to provide a cloud based solution to protect your email communications. Contact us for pricing.

Cloud Imaged Based Backup


Traditional backup is dead. The business world is moving away from backup that focuses on recovery and moving to Cloud Based Business Contitnuity Solutions to continue operations in the event of a failure. Synetek Solutions can help you quickly implement Cloud Based Backup, disaster recovery and business continuity plans by deploying our hybrid onsite and cloud solution. This solution is delivered as a service and does not require the client to purchase dedicated hardware or software.

These snapshots are checked for integrity as they are being taken, and the data is verified and tested on a regular basis. 

Cloud / Virtual Infrastructure


With our VMWare Professional Partnership with industry leader Virtualization we help our customer fully utilize server resources by consolidating the number of physical servers. This approach not only helps them reduce costs by requiring less servers, but it also provides them with high availability and business continuity. 

For servers that need to move to the Cloud, we have partnered with Rackspace, industry leader in Cloud based servers and Applications to provide our clients the best of both worlds. 

Best in class companies have the right balance between Cloud and on-premise technology and Synetek is here to help you get there.

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