Heartbleed Vulnerability

Heartbleed Vulnerability

Heartbleed Vulnerability

The Heartbleed Bug is a serious vulnerability recently discovered in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. SSL/TLS encryption is used to secure communication over the internet via applications such as web, email, instant messaging, and some VPNs. If it’s exploited, the weakness allows access to information that is normally secure and private over SSL/TLS.

According to, experts advise that users change passwords on affected sites being patched and keep an eye on online accounts for suspicious activity. Here are two ways to check if sites you use have been affected.

1. Mashable, a website that disseminates news, information and resources, has provided a list of major websites and whether they have been affected by Heartbleed, if the affected sites have already applied a software patch and if you need to change your password. Go CNET also has a list at

2. LastPass, a password manager site, has created a page where you can check whether specific sites you use have been affected. Go to

At Synetek we are happy to report that we have patched all our our clients networks and that we feel confident that our clients won’t be affected by this vulnerability. If you have concerns regarding this and other security threats, Contact Us to schedule a Security Consultation with one of our network engineers.

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