Managed IT Services  

Managed IT Services


Managed IT Services: Managed IT Services goes well beyond the day to day computer support and repair. We provide your company with an enterprise level IT department an affordable and predictable monthly price that your business can budget for to monitor, manage and maintain all of your company’s technology needs. Our service is as efficient as an in-house department but with a unique combination of tools, resources, processes and documentation to also help make strategic decisions that will help your company be more productive, efficient and profitable.


IT Automation - Proactive Management


One of the biggest challenges for any IT professional is not having the ability to be at multiple places at once. Computers and Servers are broadcasting information in regards to their status and health, the problem is that whether you have a full time IT person or a consultant, they are too busy dealing with putting out their daily fires to listen to those alerts.


Proactive "Synbot" is an advanced Remote Monitoring and Management System (RMM) that leverages the power of IT automation. Synbot takes care of any repetitive IT maintenance task or process, monitor mission critical network components and automatically runs auto-remediation programs, and so much more! As a result of having this sytem, IT resources are free to help you when you need them.

IT Help Desk


With maintenance tasks automated by our Proactive System, the Help Desk is available to make sure productivity stays up for all of the users we support. 

Whether Synbot escalates an issue that requires human intervention, a user needs to report a support issue or ask a how to question, the help desk is ready to assist. 

Our highly technical and professional engineers are here to help you. 


For an enhanced user experience, The Help Desk can be reached by: 

  • Phone: By all means, CALL US – we are ready and eager to help.
  • Email: You will get an immediate response. 
  • Chat: Already on the phone and need help. Request a chat session. 
  • Client Portal: You can reach us via our client portal, open, view, close tickets.

Field Support and Emergency Onsite


Our field support team works in conjunction with the Proactive System as well as the Help Desk to ensure issues are resolved when required. A well trained and experienced Field Technician will be dispatched to fix any escalated problems on a timely manner.


The benefits of Onsite Support include:

  • Local Based.
  • Onsite Support is not only to fix the addressed problem, they also oversee any potential issues that can become a problem in the future – and fix it on the spot.
  • Available for Projects/Implementations.

Vendor Management


Vendor Management is a critical component of any IT department. From a Managed IT Services perspective vendor management involves centrally managing all technology issues/requests from one platform (they are all reported to the Help Desk).

When you have an issue that involves a technology vendor, whether your copier, telephone lines or an issue with your industry specific application, you report it to us and we will manage the issue to completion.

This also includes us interviewing and replacing a non performing vendor on your behalf or looking at IT Costs to make sure we are getting the most competitive pricing.

Strategic CIO Level Guidance


CIO Meetings are conducted regularly between the business owner or business manager and your CIO at Synetek. These meetings are generally conducted to discuss your business challenges, as well as look for ways to cut costs and understand where you plan to take your business so we can make sure that you have the proper technology.

The benefits of CIO Level Strategic Guidance include:

  • Allows to close the gap between business goals and technology.
  • Having someone looking beyond keeping things running.
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Strategic Planning

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