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Technology is not a fun subject. Often business owner’s want to close the IT closet door and never think of it again. However, that does not help business move forward. The Business + Tech = Success podcast is meant to bridge the gap between hating technology and understanding how to best leverage it to help your business succeed in a world that depends on technology.

Easy to understand, entertaining, and educational. This podcast is for business owners who want to take their business to the next level and technology is the bridge to get there!

Our Mission

To help business owners take their business to the next level by understand how technology will help make a difference in a easy and entertainining way.

Our Vision

Make a difference in the lives of business owners who are taking the world by storm taking risks and fueling the econmony along the way!

Meet your Host

Nancy Henriquez is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Synetek Solutions.

Prior to joining Synetek, Nancy was the founder and CEO of an award-winning Managed Service Provider which was acquired in 2021.

Nancy is an alumni of the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program, selected as a Champion for the C200 advancing women grant, has been recognized for her DE&I advocacy in the IT Channel, listed as top 100 Women of the IT Channel in 2020, 2021, and 2022, recognized as a Next-Gen Leader in the IT Channel and sits on the board of several IT organization boards.

Nancy is passionate about business, marketing, diversity, equality, tattoos and inspiring others to dream big. She sets out to be an example to other women and girls that with hard work, dedication and the right resources, they can be successful. 

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Taking business knowledge from practice to assess technology needs.


Leveraging technology knowledge to ask the right questions that will make a business impact.


The difference that technology makes in today's business landscape. 

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